Glow'd (Part 1)

Posted by H.U.G.E Team

Welcome back! In today’s post I’m switching it up ever so slightly. I’ll be going through my routine on what I do to keep healthy clear dewy skin.

For me I must keep my skin care routine as simple as possible. I have dry skin and I need as much moisture as I can. For cleanser, I like to use coconut oil. (Weird to some, but not so for others). I like to apply it directly on my face with my fingertips and rub the oil gently in circular upward motions.

TOP TIP: Never apply product and rub in a downwards motion, this will cause premature aging. Coconut oil can reduce fine lines and can moisturise the skin.

For toner, again, in like with the simplicity of my routine, I’ve grown to really like rose water. The smell is amazing, and the benefits are even greater! It’s incredible for clearing blemishes and resets the pH balance for irritated/acne prone skin. Apply a few mists on your face to restore hydration.

Now for moisturiser, I like to use rosehip oil. Good for clearing hyperpigmentation, has a natural SPF which protects against sun damage and is excellent for clearing scars, so if you’re someone like me who has acne scars, I’d recommend going for a product like this oil. The rich orange colour compliments my skin which leaves me with glowing!

Iriesha xox



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