Hair Growth Oil for Black Hair

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Hair Oil for Black Hair Growth

Hello again my people, we hope you are all well and continuing to look after your valuable selves, hair, beard, skin and all!

Where do we start with Hair Growth Oils?

We are glad to see there is a lot of information out there now about hair oils and the benefits of them for our beautiful natural Afro hair, or indeed, any other hair type that can handle and absorb these types of oils. 

But what about the scalp?

Before we get to the oils, a point, which can sometimes be overlooked, but is highly important, is the condition of our scalps.  Many of our customers contact us wanting recommendations for what hair growth oil for black hair, or lotions they should use in their hair.  The questions about their scalp, whether it has any damage due to chemical treatments, tight hairstyles, is sensitive, or very dry and has dandruff, helps us with recommendations. Scalps that are sensitive may suffer with more irritation if using a particular type of oil, so a moisturizing lotion may be better.  It would be a good idea to monitor your scalps current condition to be aware of any changes when using any lotions and or oils.

The hair that grows out of our heads needs a healthy environment to grow and flourish in, just like a decent house needs to be built on a solid foundation, our hair needs a healthy nourished and moisturized scalp as the foundation for our hair plans and goals.

Back to the Hair Growth Oils

The main and should be obvious thing to say, is when we refer to hair growth oils for black afro hair, we are not including the thick ‘hair greases, pomades or supposed hair foods’ that were the only options on the market ‘back in the day’. Many of these were heavily laden with chemicals, dye’s and other harmful things to our hair and scalp and included ingredients like Petrolatum/Petroleum  (which can be contaminated with Polycyclic hydrocarbons (PAHs), some studies have suggested if used over long periods of time including on the skin, it is associated with different types of Cancer. We are however, talking about hair growth oils for black Afro hair that have been identified and have proven to be most beneficial for natural black hair, as the ingredients that have been used to formulate these products are natural and free from harmful chemicals. 

At H.U.G.E Online we are happy to say we have the pleasure of partnering with manufacturers who themselves have Afro hair and have formulated hair growth oils that provide nourishing and moisturizing ingredients which allow our locs and tresses to shine, bounce or stand up as we desire. 

For Black Afro hair, moisture is the name of the game; hair growth oils for black hair help lock in moisture and improve elasticity, which is a win, win for us.

It is also important to understand that oils are emollients, which mean they provide protective layers to lock in moisture, they will not be effective if you do not have moisture to begin with, therefore, take steps to ensure clean moisturized hair to get the best results out of your hair growth oils.

Many people use the L-O-C (Liquid, Oil, Cream) Method to do this, or the other variation of L-C-O (Liquid, Cream, Oil) to maintain their hair growth routine.

What ingredients are good in Hair Growth Oils for Black Hair?

There is an array of different natural ingredients for you to choose from in the products that are available on the market.  To give you a brief list of a few: Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Almond Oil and Avocado Oils are very popular and known for their hydrating and soothing qualities.  Take a look at the ingredients available in high demand hair growth oils.


Sunny Isles Jamaican Black Castor Oil Alikay Naturals Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil Flora & Curl African Citrus Superfruit Hair Oil

What about the men?

When we talk about hair growth oil for black Afro hair, it may be easy to think we are just talking to the women; this is absolutely not the case! In fact, we have found with our male customers, they are happy to have found an online retailer that caters to their hair and beard care needs, as well as being able to pick up skin care products for all.  The need to use hair growth oils to nourish and lock in moisture for their hair, which one customer admittedly stated was more often than not being worn under a cap, became a daily routine with reported success of a change in hair texture and yes indeed, growth!

For the men who have beards, whether it be a full beard and the envy of many, or the classic shadow, ‘goatee’ or moustache, the hair that grows on their face needs to be equally maintained as the hair on their heads. Hair growth oils due to their natural ingredient make up can be used for the head and beard; however, there are some specific nutrients that have been included in some of our beard oils.  Take a look at some of our high in demand beard oils.


Mr Blackman’s Bergamont And Spice Beard and Shave Oil

Enjoy making your selection of hair growth oil and let us know how you get on.



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