Naturally Yours

My journey into making soaps was twofold.

Firstly, I was startled to learn that the average person puts a couple of hundred chemicals on their body before they leave the house each morning in toiletries and for some people cosmetics. Some of those chemicals are toxic and it made me wonder about the slow way in which we were giving ourselves problems for the future and did not even know it.

That is why I chose to start with the thing that we all had to do each day – bathe. I also chose to make my soap as naturally and as simply as possible and the name of my products was born. Naturally Yours.

Secondly, someone I knew had a long-standing allergy to coconuts in products which produced a fine rash. It is surprising that coconut oil is in most shower gels and soaps because it produces a good lather.

I researched and made a soap made of just olive oil (Castille soap) which cleared up the rash and is so mild it can be used on babies. This was the first soap I made, not knowing that it was the hardest soap to make. Especially using the cold process method.

I began making soap just for the fun of it and because it relaxed me. During the pandemic women contacted me about buying the shea butter soap because it was kinder on their skin especially their hands.

I am still on my soap journey...


Patricia King