Nylah Naturals

Hi, I’m Kam, founder and CEO. Nylah the brand, was inspired by Nylah my daughter,  and my desire to ensure that she felt included, in a world, that often celebrated a standard of beauty,  not inclusive of textured hair.

​I wanted my daughter to know, from her earliest memory, that she, with her lovely brown skin, soft kinky hair and pronounced  African features, was also, the very definition of beautiful.

However, choosing a product that would work WITH my daughter’s hair and promote IT’S beauty presented two distinctive challenges. The first being that my daughter’s eczema meant that she was highly sensitive to a lot of ingredients.  This left me struggling to find something that was suitable for her sensitive scalp and skin.

 Many of the shampoos and conditioning products available in the UK were not hypo-allergenic and had no scientific function or in terms of the way the formulation worked. Conversely, the hair care products traditionally marketed towards women with afro-textured were designed to alter the curl pattern of afro hair types and contained harsh ingredients including, harsh sulphate and parabens which not only served to further damage an already fragile hair type.  They also contained toxic ingredients linked to many health concerns and would aggravate her sensitive  skin.


  I needed a high-performance product that would bridge the gap in the market between good science and homemade natural hair care,  something was gentle enough for my daughter’s sensitive skin yet effective enough to deliver amazing results.

​It was at this point, in 2013 that I decided that I would be the solution my daughter needed –  and In that decision, Nylah the brand was formed.

So, what started as an expression of love for my daughter, transpired into the expression of love and adoration I have for you, my beautiful, textured hair sisters!

Nylah, the brand is my way of saying, I love you authenticity you are beautiful sis,  your beauty is echoed in  your hair, every curl,  every kink and every coil.