Tropical Naturals

Mr. Abiola Ogunrinde is a chemist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and the founder, MD/CEO of Tropical Naturals Limited Nigeria.

Abiola Ogunrinde - founder of Tropical Naturals

Tropical Naturals emerged out of Abiola’s quest to put Nigeria on the global map of products. His sizzling passion, relentless dedication and penchant for excellence has been the key springboard to Dudu-Osun’s years of sustained growth and unalloyed quality.

The evolution of Tropical Naturals occurred organically over a twenty-year period. TNL started from a manually-operated small-scale plant in 1995, to a registered full scale company in 2007. Our brand’s flagship product, Dudu-Osun, has since then grown to receive global recognition with sales in over fifty countries worldwide.